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Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is the act of an individual moving or settling in another country without obtaining permission from that country to do so.  The illegal immigrant may either intend to stay permanently or temporarily.

Most often, immigrants settle illegally in another country because of persecution or lack of opportunity in their home country and they do not have the resources or otherwise cannot obtain permission to immigrate legally.  In some cases the illegal immigrant is a convicted felon or other undesirable who would be unable to obtain permission to legally immigrate.

Some illegal immigrants originally were granted a temporary visa to visit or work in another country but have overstayed the expiration date of their visa and are now an illegal alien.  Some of the hijackers on the ill fated 9/11 flights originally entered the U.S. on legal visas that eventually expired.

The United States has a problem with hundreds of thousands (some say millions) of illegal immigrants coming in from Mexico and other Latin American countries because of the huge disparity in economic conditions between the U.S. and those countries.  Adding to the problem is the reality that undocumented workers are willing to work for wages that would be considered "too low" by most American workers.  Some employers find this availability of cheap labor to compelling to turn it away and thus provide employment to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens.

To further the problem, the U.S. government seems unable or unwilling to hold employers accountable for knowingly hiring these undocumented workers.  While the Border Patrol attempts to stem the tide of illegals crossing the the thousands of miles of land and sea borders, government policies continue to provide incentives for illegal immigration.

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America Treats Illegal Immigration Worse Than Most Crimes. Why Washington Post
Washington Post America treats illegal immigration worse than most crimes. Why Washington Post Who is an American Traditionally, we look to citizenship to answer that question, but the issue is more complicated than legal labels. Even President Trump seems to recognize this in his periodic openness to negotiating comprehensive immigration and more raquo

Illegal Immigrant Accused Of Stabbing Stranger In Neck At California Fox News
Fox News Illegal immigrant accused of stabbing stranger in neck at California Fox News The man accused of an unprovoked and brutal stabbing at a market in California last month is an illegal immigrant with a criminal record who had been previously deported seven times, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman tells Fox News. Illegal Immigrant Accused of Stabbing Stranger in California Had Been Deported Seven TimesWashington Free Beacon Illegal Immigrant Accused in Neck Stabbing Was Deported Seven TimesLifeZette California Neck Stabber Was Illegal Immigrant Deported 7 TimesNation One News Foundation all 7 news articles raquo

Florida Deal To Detain Illegal Immigrants Gains Sheriffsapos Support Wall St...
Wall Street Journal Florida Deal to Detain Illegal Immigrants Gains Sheriffs39 Support Wall Street Journal Two national sheriffs organizations are endorsing a new deal between federal immigration officials and 17 Florida sheriffs departments that allows local law enforcement to hold illegal immigrants detained on criminal charges for up to 48 hours past Immigration, local officials to announce public safety effortsFOX 13 News, Tampa Bay ICE strikes deal with Florida sheriffs to hold illegal immigrantsWashington Times Illegal Immigration Raids IncreasingHuman Resource Executive Online WFLA My Panhandle The Mercury News SFGate all 151 news articles raquo

Va. GOP Senate Candidate Corey Stewart Vows To Be Aposstrongest Fighter Again...
Washington Times Va. GOP Senate candidate Corey Stewart vows to be 39strongest fighter against illegal immigration39 Washington Times Republican Senate candidate Corey Stewart rolled out his plan Thursday to crack down on illegal immigrant and reshape the legal immigration system, vowing to be the strongest fighter against illegal immigration the U.S. Senate has ever seen. Mr Corey Stewart latches onto Trump inflamed immigration debate in bid for SenateWashington Post all 2 news articles raquo

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Facts of Law about illegal immigration in the U.S.

Facts of Law - Illegal Immigration