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Justice Gorsuch Is Right: Jesner And The Original Meaning Of The Alien Tort S...
Justice Gorsuch is Right: Jesner and the Original Meaning of the Alien Tort Statute Lawfare blog Jesner involves whether the Alien Tort Statute ATS allows federal courts to exercise jurisdiction over claims by aliens against corporations. As originally enacted in Section 9 of the Judiciary Act of 1789, the ATS provided that the district courts

Judges Vs. Bureaucrats Slate Magazine
Slate Magazine Judges vs. Bureaucrats Slate Magazine Stillperhaps I39m being a devil39s advocate hereit is in fact the agencies39 role to execute and enforce the laws. Accordingly, many would argue that, in rejecting the mandate of the Chevron decision, you are effectively urging the courts to basically

Statute Conceals Wolf Kill Details Jackson Hole NewsampGuide
Jackson Hole NewsGuide Statute conceals wolf kill details Jackson Hole NewsGuide The statute shielding information about wolf conflict from public and media view is brief, just two sentences. The law on the books prohibits the release of any information about the number or nature of wolves legally killed, unless in aggregate

Investigation Finds ExAG Tom Horne Violated Campaign Laws AZFamily
AZFamily Investigation finds ex AG Tom Horne violated campaign laws AZFamily Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk determined he violated campaign finance laws, ordering him to repay 400,000 and face up to 1.2 million in fines. But the Arizona Supreme Court ruled in May that Polk wasn39t a neutral arbiter, and the Cochise County

Mahtomedi School District Asserts Innocence In Student Expulsion Case White ...
Mahtomedi School District asserts innocence in student expulsion case White Bear Press Although I cannot comment on any settlement proposals in any specific case, I can state that the district has no interest in settling any case in which it has fully complied with the law and has done nothing wrong, Larson stated. Finally, I want to and more raquo


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