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Bruise - Work Related Injury

A bruise is a type of work related injury where the the capillaries or blood vessels under the skin hemorrhage as the result of a blow or scrape to the skin.

Light bruising may result in little more than slight discoloration of the skin and, after the initial pain, only slight discomfort lasting a few days.  This type of bruise rarely requires medical attention beyond icing the bruise to slow the hemorrhaging and avoiding re-injuring the area.  Treatment may also include rest, elevation of the injury, bandage compression and pain killer and anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen.  Do not massage a bruise or apply heat during the first 24 hours as this could increase hemorrhaging and swelling.

In a severe bruise, fluid may accumulate forming a lump or hematoma under the skin.  Swelling may be severe and the area may be very painful for some time.  Ice should be applied to the area and the patient should seek medical help.  If the bruise it on the head, a physician may run tests to evaluate any damage or swelling in the brain.  Excessive swelling in other areas can restrict blood flow and damage organs or extremities and require surgical intervention.  Medical advice should be followed for proper long term recovery.


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Facts of Law covering the work realted bruse injury

Facts of Law - Work Related Injury Bruse