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Burn - Work Related Injury

Contact with heat, chemicals, electricity and radiation (Sun or nuclear) can cause a work related burn to a worker.  Burns from heat should be immediately immersed in cool water to cool the tissues.

Thermal burns can be classed in one of three categories:

  • First degree burns are minor burns resulting in some redness and pain to the affected area.
  • Second degree burns exhibit an additional symptom of blistering to the skin
  • Third degree burns include charring of the skin and the eventual formation of scabs called eschars

Some burns that are so severe that muscle or bone tissue has been involved are sometimes called fourth degree burns.  Burns covering large areas of the body can be life threatening.  Severe burns should be treated in a specialized burn center.  Any time hot gases or smoke inhalation is suspected of burning the lungs, it should be treated as an immediate medical emergency.

Chemical burns can result when unprotected skin comes in contact with volatile chemicals such as sulfuric acid and other compounds.  Caustic chemicals are those that can cause burns when they come into contact with the skin.  When a caustic chemical contacts the skin it should be immediately washed off to prevent further damage to the skin.

Electrical burns occur as a result of coming into contact with high voltage power lines or by being struck by lightening.  In addition to the burns, the patient will need immediate emergency medical treatment for electrocution.

Radiation burns can result from over exposure to the Sun or exposure to certain radioactive substances.  Sunburns can range from a mild redness to a blistering, painful, dehabilitating burn.  In extremely severe sunburns, medical help should be sought.  Radiation burns can be a work related injury resulting from exposure to radioactive materials and are extremely rare and serious.  Symptoms of radiation poisoning will precede the appearance of the radiation burns.  Medical help and hospitalization are necessary for exposure to radioactive materials.


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Facts of Law about work realted burn injuries

Facts of Law - Work Related Injury Burns